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DWG Sampler: Volume One (test press)


To get artists involved with DWG, we like to send out promo copies of previous releases to show what we do. As a result, we’re down to our last copies of some of our releases because we've sent so many out: what we really needed was a promotional sampler EP that showed the label in its best light and gave a good impression of what we can do with our artists and releases.

Through the support of our fans and followers – and some extra support from a number of our previous artists – we’re proud to bring you this extra-special promotional-only DWG Sampler release.

Covering the first few years of our record label, we’ve collated a number of tracks that we feel helped define the DWG discography and sound.


A1 - Phill Most Chill ‘Be Intelligent’
A2 - Godfather Don ‘Slave Of New York’ (remastered)
A3 - Unique ‘War Rap’
A4 - Phill Most Chill ‘Lungbutters Freestyle’ (previously unreleased)

B1 - Jorun Bombay ‘DWG Rampage’ featuring Emskee, Oxygen & Phill Most Chill (previously unreleased)
B2 – Kool G Rap ‘I Declare War’
B3 – TDS Mob ‘Head Of The Dope Committee’
B4 – Tragedy ‘At Large’

Although this is strictly a promotional release not intended for resale, we are offering a small number of the white-label test press copies for our longtime fans, followers and friends who missed out.

These white label test pressings, come with a stickered sleeve, an A4 printout of the label artwork and the sampler one-sheet.

This will not be available in stores anywhere.