DWG7004 - Phill Most Chill/Paul Nice/Jorun 'Neva Stop Diggin'/'Smash' 7"


* Personal DWG promo copy – please see below *


Phill Most Chill, Jorun Bombay and Paul Nice? All on one 7"? You best believe it!

Two killer tracks on one small slab of wax, this is an essential party slammer for your decks. 'Neva Stop Diggin' is a story we can all relate to, with Phill Most explaining his 'religion' on top of a dope-as-hell Paul Nice beat.

Then you get 'Smash!', courtesy of the excellent Jorun Bombay, again featuring Phill on vocal duties. Start up the phonograph!


As most will know, this release sold out quickly as soon as we dropped it. As a rule, we don't sit on secret boxes of product and trade them on the black market: when a release is sold out, it's sold out.

The first 150 copies were on yellow vinyl, whilst the remaining 450 were on black vinyl.

This yellow copy is from my personal allocation of 5 copies.


Condition: Mint/Unplayed